Danubium sirmium adventure


To become acquainted with Sirmium and Slavonia, take part in the Sirmium games. These team-building games develop team spirit and self confidence. Discover your individual strengths in the Sirmium valleys, improve your organizational skills in our vineyards, drive away a stress, enjoy eating kulen, learn how to take risks and responsibility whilst making ‘rakija’ (Slavonian brandy), or cook fish soup…. This is THE DANUBIUM SIRMIUM ADVENTURE

Choose your adventure

  • Each of the proposed packages can be adjusted to meet your needs, add desires.
  • Health and safety moderators will be present during all of the activities. All teams will be given written instructions with a plan and description of each of the activities.
  • The games are safe, dynamic, competitive and entertaining for the group.
  • Each team will be named after one of the stops on the tour: Traminac, Čiklja, Golubica, Odeschalchi.
  • The activities will take place outdoors (in a vineyard) and indoors, in the wine cellars.

Brief description

  • Joys of Dionysus: The guests are divided into two or more groups; each group has its barrel of wine, 10 empty bottles and a corker. The aim is to fill up the bottles with wine in a short time and cork all of the bottles correctly. The guests will be able to drink or take away all the wine in the bottles that they have corked correctly. The company’s logo is painted and the text with the travel destination is attached on all bottles of wine.

  • Quiz “Guess who is playing”: A tamburitza band will play a short refrain from a popular song. Then the guests in their teams have to try to guess the name of the song within the set time (usually 30 seconds). If the guests can not remember the name, the tamburitza musicians will give you clues. Each team has to guess names of five songs. In the next phase each team chooses a song which has to be sung by one of its team members. The winning team is the one with the most points and the best singer.

  • “Hey, I’m picking grapes“: Each group (10 members) is allocated a row in the vineyard, a container to place the picked grape in. They have to carry their container to and fill up three vats. The winner is the team which fills up each of the three vats (5kg, 10kg and 15kg) in the shortest amount of time.

  • Pulling rope (Tug of war): Game rules: A line will divide the teams; at two meter distance towards each team there is a boundary line. The competitors behind the boundary line lift the rope and pull it so that the main sign remains on the main line. When the referee says “pull”, the teams try to pull the opposing team to their side of the line.

  • Boat ride on the Danube: A chance to relax between the games.

  • In the footsteps of Dionysus: The guests are divided into groups. Each group goes to three different wine cellars to taste wines. At the end each team is given a blind testing to see if they can guess which wine they are drinking. The referee will record their answers, compare them and announce the winners. The game is very interesting because the guests visit different wine cellars: old and modern way of production and storing wine and stories about a rich history of the wine cellars.

  • Sack Racing: The competitors put on their sacks and tie the upper part of the sack around their waist. On the referee’s sign the competitors start racing towards the finish line.
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting: Skilful hunters will show you how to handle a shotgun and teach you techniques of target shooting. A calm hand, good eye and shooting can start. You will then have to shoot the clay pigeons which they launch into the sky for you.
  • Hunting stories: Try your hand at shooting a moving boar target. Are you the best shooter, calm, cool-headed?

  • Team cooking: It is no easy task to prepare Slavonian and Sirmium delicacies: to cut cracklings, prepare skewers for roasting, ham and sausages, make your own Sirmium rakija (brandy), knead dough for baking cakes, add the right amount of chilli pepper into the čobanac (spicy meat stew).

  • Horse riding: Ride along the banks of the Danube, tilt your hat, and groom your horse … take a trot through our countryside.

  • Games from Sirmium: This activity is perfect for larger groups and consists of various games. Be ready for diverse challenges, cheer on your team. During the summer games from Sirmium can be organized by the fish-ponds, in the shade of Slavonian forests, or on the banks of the Danube.

  • Team sports: Football, handball, tennis, bowling, basketball, bela (local card game), chess… Play and win!
  • Hiking or cycling tours: On foot or by bike, accompanied by a guide take a sightseeing tour of the Slavonian plain and historic village streets, parks and countryside. Cycle along the Danube (the Pannonian Sea) in the towns, through vineyards, or combine it with a river cruise.

  • Traditional (ethno) cuisine tours: Get to know our local dishes. Visit top restaurants and best farms to enjoy the refined tastes of our local delicacies: sausages, kulen sausage, kulenova seka, game, šokački steak, fish stew etc… In the region’s top wine cellars taste the high quality wine, rakija (brandy) and cognac. It is not difficult to conclude why this tour is one of our most popular.

  • Boat trip: Take a relaxing ride along the Danube accompanied by the sounds of tamburitza music and tales of the beautiful blue Danube. - ideal for teams looking for a party.

  • Fishing: Catching perch, catfish or carp is a real experience. The sense of peacefulness you can find in the untouched nature of the Danube, of the fish-ponds covered by water lilies or in the shade of the Spačva forests is the real temptation. At the end of the day enjoy the tastes of fish soup or carp roasted on a forked branch over an open fire.

  • Kayaking or boat ride in ‘čiklja’: Listen to the sound of the Danube, float down to the town of wine, stop for a while on river islands or simply enjoy going with the Danube flow. If you decide to row on the river Spačva instead, you may encounter the forest fauna.

Teambuidling-Sirmium skiing !