Costumed guides

Hello, dear friends,


we would like to welcome you to this special occasion, when an extremely valuable tourist attraction is being introduced in the tourist offer of the city of Vukovar, namely, costumed tourist guides who will daily visit numerous city locations according to the Danubioumtours project within the new tourist offer.

You must be wondering why Vukovar tourist guides wear baroque costumes. Let us take you back to the 17th century, to the baroque period, when German counts had considerable cultural and economic influence on the prolific development of our city. We have chosen to honour them and their impact on the city of Vukovar by dressing our guides in the characteristic garment of that age. The baroque period was the time of cultural renaissance of Vukovar, as well as the construction of famous institutions, such as the Eltz Castle, the gallery, the Museum and the promenade. Many attractive buildings were built at that time, standing tall for two long centuries, only to be heavily destroyed in last two wars.

Although we are deeply aware of the war scars that are still visible around the city of Vukovar, we would like to bring to attention another important dimention – Life. This is the time of companionship and song. It is not a secret that Vukovar has always had them, no matter what hardship it endured, and has honoured them under its decorated arches of baroque buildings.

The purpose of our costumed tourist guides is to offer all inhabitants and visitors of the town of Vukovar a sophisticated atmosphere of the town from the 17th century, the time of the reign of Eltz counts. Their imaginative costumes and styling should breathe new life into the city of Vukovar.

Meet Luy, Juliana, Emerik and Elisabeth.

My name is Luy.

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My name is Elisabeth.

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We are the commoners Emerik & Juliana.

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