Wine stories from the tower

Set within the romantic landscape, on a bend between the sun and the Danube, is the small village of Erdut. The wealth of history of this place of grapes and wines is told as much by numerous towers and castles as it is by the aromatic Traminer. The trail of history and wine drops leads us to the Adamovich Cseh where, not many years ago, the signing of the Erdut Accord brought permanent peace and ended War of Independence. As to the wine drops, in the 200m long wine cellar dating from 1730 there are wines like Zweigelt, Chardonnay and Traminer, and a visit to such a place – which boasts the largest barrel in the world that actually holds wine, all 75000 litres of it – is quite something, particularly in the company of a professional guide and stories about history and the Adamovich coat of arms. Feel the might of the Danube, stroll along the grape arbour with a glass of wine in your hand, listen to the spirit of the past from the tower, savour the local Graševina, Zweigelt, Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay and Traminer, listen to the sound of tamburitzas, become a part of this never ending magic – and you will have found a way to all the secrets and stories of Erdut.

Wine tasting on the bank of the Danube, belvedere; tour of wine cellars and viewing of the largest barrel in the world (capacity 75000 l); visit to the Adamovich castle and carriage ride through the place.

This is a package tour of 1-3 days. The all-inclusive programme of activities for a 3 day package covers the following: day 1. – Erdut; day 2. – Aljmaš; day 3. – Vukovar. The package is available the year round for groups of 2 to 50 people. Accommodation is provided in households and in the 2* and 4* hotels in Erdut or Vukovar. Transport can be one's own or by micro or minibus organized by us. Professional guidance available in Croatian, English and German, at request in other languages. All given data is of general character and is not obligating, consequently a request for a final offer is required.