Creative east of croatia

We all know that it is the boot that keeps the head safe, and when one of the best known shoe factories – and shoes, we also know, at the passion for many – is located near Vukovar, the city that boasts a lovely Baroque nucleus – that this is a trip not to be resisted. Visit the home of the legendary Startas trainers on the banks of the Danube, in the Borovo shoe factory the beginnings of which go back to the 19th c. when it was known as Bata. Meet some of the workers of this giant which has given employment to many until the War of Independence, and was renown for the quality of its footwear. Learn about the production process from knowledgeable masters of the trade and find the mode that is just right for you. After the world of creative design we have prepared another dose of imagination for you. With exciting stories of rebellions and uprisings in this area our costumed guide Luy will take you into the past. Next, because we all knwot hat imagination knows no bounds, we will take you to a workshop where, assisted by an expert, you are going to make your own souvenir – the symbol of the city of Vukovar such as the Dove of Vukovar – and take it home as a memento of your visit.

Tour of Vukovar and the Baroque centre accompanied by costumed guides; tour of the Borovo factory, the home of legendary Stratas trainers, demonstration of shoe making process; mamking one’s own souvenir of Vukovar under professional guidance.

This is a package tour of 1-3 days. The all-inclusive programme of activities for a 3 day package covers the following: days 1-3. – activities in the area of Vukovar. The package is available the year round for groups of 2 to 200 people. Accommodation is provided in the 3* or 4* hotels in Ilok, Vukovar and Vinkovci. Transport can be one's own or by micro or minibus organized by us. Professional guidance available in Croatian, English and German, at request in other languages. All given data is of general character and is not obligating, consequently a request for a final offer is required.