Vukovar time machine

In the east of Croatia the gloriously beautiful plains of Slavonia and Srijem came together in the town of Vukovar, the symbol of Croatian freedom, rich of history and a thousand years of culture. All with any interest in times gone by will be fascinated by this amazing town. On the bank of the blue Danube you will be met by Luy, a costumed guide, and his companion Elizabeth with members of the plebs, and they will tell you many an interesting story from the olden days of Vukovar. The 17th c. Eltz castle today houses the Town Museum in which we can find out everything about the town and its people, one of whom was Dr. Leopold L. Ružička who is Vukovar born. Enjoy a walk through the Baroque centre of the town, visit the church of St. Philip and St. Jacob and get the sense of the glorious spirit of the past. Go to Vučedol, the best known archaeological locality in this part of Europe and learn about the former inhabitants of this area, skilful and diligent producers of copper, and once again let your imagination lead you through the fascination of the past.

Tour of Vukovar with guides costumed as nobility and plebs, viewing a film about Vukova; tour of the Eltz castle and the Town museum; visit to Vučedol, the best know archaeological locality in this part of Europe, and tour of the museum.

This is a package tour of 1-3 days. The all-inclusive programme of activities for a 3 day package covers the following: days 1-3. – activities in the area of Vukovar. The package is available the year round for groups of 2 to 50 people. Accommodation is provided in the 2* and 4* hotels in Vukovar. Transport can be one's own or by micro or minibus organized by us. Professional guidance available in Croatian, English and German, at request in other languages. All given data is of general character and is not obligating, consequently a request for a final offer is required.