About us

Danubiumtours is the first incoming travel agent to turn to; the agency for development and management of the tourist destinations in the Croatian Danube region and its vicinity. It offers you to experience the power of the Danube River, hear the tale of the Vučedol Dove, taste the locally made wine and see the historical buildings of Ilok, ‘čardak’ (an autochthonous corn barn in Sirmium), ‘šokački’ customs (autochthonous folk customs)…

2009 – we were awarded the prize for the best tourist guide in the Republic of Croatia – the costumed tourist guide, Luy

2011 – we were awarded “Simply the Best” Prize, for program creativity and innovation in small tourist agencies

2013 - we were awarded CBTour for inovations in business tourism - The best croatian business tourism manager.

“Along the paths of Vukovar’s defenders” was our initial tourist program, from which the following developed: Danubiuminfo – the first tourist newsletter in the area of the Vukovar-Srijem County, the first brochure called Welcome to Slavonia and Sirmium, the first tourist catalogue for continental part of Croatia, “Simply Sirmium, Slavonia and Baranya” (60 ready-made programs and 20 various team-building activities), cycling routes (bicycles can be rented), published bike route map of the towns of Ilok and Vukovar.
We are proud to present and offer our special attraction, the services of costumed 17th century guides. Furthermore, we have specialized city guides – Danube city guide and Danube boat guides (čiklja).
We are the initiators and organizers of the tourist presentation County’s in Croatia (April 2010). 6 towns in 6 days.

A travel agency with a difference
• The first 100% incoming travel agency
• Your partner in our region
• All programmes tailored on our own
• All packages tailored to meet your wishes
• Your are guided through the programmes directly by immediate participants
All characters are real, all places and events authentic, and the programmes exercised…



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